The Artist, Camille Eastin


 I am a wife of 28 years and a mom of two amazing creative adults.


I started my face and body painting business in 2009.  At the time, I was a teacher and needed a way to be more flexible with my time to care for my mom.  This business has open doors to meet so many wonderful clients and I have been so enriched to be a part of so many unique cultural events and celebrations.  


I have worked with many world renowned artists in my field at events and workshops.  I am the administrator for a FB group with over 7400 worldwide members for face and body painters.  I love to travel to paint and my latest  trip was up to San Francisco and Silicon Valley to paint. 


I have invested time and energy into finding the best materials to use in my face and body painting. I will only use FDA compliant face paints and glitters. When I come to an event I arrive early to set up and be prepared. I come fully contained, all I need is space. I am fully insured. If requested, I can bring my custom 5x5 EZ up. I can create designs to work with the theme of the event. I come with a smile and love to share the joy of what I do.   


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Ready to join your celebration. Camille is your entertainer for birthday parties, company events, family fun, alumni,   as your adult and children's party face paint entertainer. Camille is creative in the Arts and loves to be part of your entertainment!